Phil Am Tour possesses has a tract record of expertise and experience in travel operation, accumulated over many years of achievements and fruitful results, and takes pride and honor in its responsible and conscientious service. Phil Am Tour unrelentingly strives in its objective to provide and upgrade its quality travel products. In 2004, Phil Am Tour established a self-designed website, a big stride towards the electronic age, hoping to increase its efficiency by providing internet service.

Phil Am Tour was established in 1992. During its early years, Phil Am Tour operates tour group packages to the Philippines and the USA as its primary travel product and service. At the same time, Phil Am Tour was the General Sales Agent (GSA) of Philippine Airlines and Eva Air vacation and tour packages. In these 13 years, Phil Am Tour earned the trust and confidence of its clients, being professional as a specialist, responsible, by providing quality products and services. In its history of business operation, Phil Am Tour strove to integrate and combine different quality tour products, working in tandem with other reputable, responsible, and professional travel agents to diligently plan and develop various tour products. In addition, Phil Am Tour vigorously cooperated with overseas travel offices to create more sophisticated travel products, in order to satisfy the client’s needs and demands, thereby allowing Phil Am Tour to attain a stable and dependable growth. Phil Am Tour received two special awards from the Philippine Department of Tourism in recognition for its outstanding contribution in the successful tourism promotion to the Philippines. During the Tourism Festival in year 2002, Phil Am Tour President Spicer Lee received a citation award from the Ministry of Transportation Tourism Bureau in recognition for excellence in tourism business management.

In year 2002, the brand name of Phil Am Tour was officially registered and established as Phil Am Travel Service. The expanded company now has groups, marketing, ticketing, visa, and management departments, extending better service to the travel trade and the general public, with products reaching diversification and development to include tour packages to Southeast Asia, Americas, Mainland China, Northeast Asia, Europe, etc.

Phil Am Tour is a member in good standing of national and international travel associations such as the ROC Travel Quality Assurance Association (TQAA), Taipei Association of Travel Agents (TATA), and the International Airline and Transport Association (IATA).

Phil Am Tour will continue to exert additional efforts to improve its quality services in the future in order to consistently maintain its good reputation. Phil Am Tour will always produce vigorous, new, fresh, up to date varieties of products, to allow consumers the best of choices.